Scouts & Guides



1. There are 70 Guides and 70 Scouts enrolled in our Vidyalaya for the academic year 2018-19.
2. 30 Bulbuls and 40 cubs in the Junior Level.There are 4 Guiders ,2 Scouters ,1 Floock Leader and
    2 cub Masters in our Vidyalaya. 


1 ."FREE BEING ME &  ACTION ON BODY CONFIDENCE"  Divisional Level Training of trainers

    Workshop organized on 16-17 Nov 2018.

2. Enrolment of new scouts & Guides in April, May & June 2018 , as per APRO II & III. 
3. Pravesh test were conducted for the Scouts & Guides in July & August 2018.
4. Classes are conducted on alternate thrusday as a part of club activity.
5. 11 Scouts & 14 Guides were sent for TST Camp at KV ArakKonam and kv CRPF respectively.
6. Master Sam Jackson ,Pola Lakshmikanthan, Jayendrasarat sccouts and miss Debepriya Datta,
     Aarthi, Uma Maheswari of Class 10th and miss Kavya Nagashree of class 11th have attended 
      the pre-Rashtrapati Testing Camp held at KV Annanagar from 28/6/18to 30/6/18.
7.Various competitions were conducted for Communal Harmony like Painting ,Esay Writting,
     Swatch Bharat Abhiyan,Road Safety Program(RSP) and Communal Harmony etc.
8. Dance and Skits were arranged for the Flag Day.
9. 20 Cubs and 20 Bulbuls attended the cubs & Bulbul Utsav at KV HVF.
10.Cubs and Bul Buls are going for Golden arrow&
11. 20 Cubs and 20 Bul Buls got swarn Pankh in 2017
12. PM Shiled competition undertaken by SEG & Harit Vidyalaya, IGBT competition projects&
       going on. 




Our Vidyalaya NCC Troop- Air Wing was established in January 2010. We enrolled 50 cadets for the

duration of  2 years, for A-Certificate examination. They are trained by the personnel from 1(TN) Air

Sqn Tambaram with a NCC  Care taker Mr. Mahesh Purohit.The children are getting enough exposure

to our armed forces.  Parade is conducted regularly every wednesday and saturday.


As per the guidance from NCC headquaters we are conducting various social activities.


- This year we are having 19 cadets in first year and 1 cadet in second year.


- 14 girls attended IGC RDC camp, held at Pachaiyappa's College.


- 47 cadets have completed A- Certificate exam 2010-11.